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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Stay Well Reiki is helping improve lives through self awareness. By exploring the authentic self, one acknowledges past trauma & begins the healing process.

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Stay Well Reiki is a holistic health company focusing on positive life transformation through Reiki/Energy Healing, Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Counseling.


Stay Well Reiki is helping people improve their lives through self awareness. By exploring the authentic self, one can acknowledge past trauma, begin the healing process, and achieve success in life.



  • Reiki healing
  • Holistic healing
  • Energy healing
  • Yoga as medicine
  • Meditation
  • Life coaching
  • Spiritual counseling: spiritual awakening, life improvement, success strategies, relaxation techniques, coping skills


Sherri DeVitis, HHP, RM, RMT, ETP, SC

With a Masters Degree in Education and 20+ years as an educator, Sherri DeVitis' qualifications for advising/consulting with clients enhances her ability to get to the core of the issues blocking successful life outcomes.


  • Provides safe and effective relief for back/neck pain
  • Teaches healing benefits for coping with stress through active/passive poses
  • Psychologically cultivates mindfulness by shifting awareness to sensations, thoughts,        and emotions
  • Enhances mobility through flexibility

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Remote Healings Available!

Free Consultation

Healing Services:

Reiki - 1/2 hr. targeted session

Reiki - 1 hr. full body with aura cleansing

Energy - 1/2 hr. chakra clearing

Spiritual Counseling - 1/2 hr.

Spiritual Counseling - 1 hr.



As someone who suffers from chronic osteoarthritis, the Reiki healings help to reduce pain and improve my mobility!”

- Mark D., Pittsburgh, PA

“In my job, I do a lot of heavy lifting.  After a Reiki healing , my pain is less intense.  I feel more flexible.  It also  relieves my stress.  I feel much more calm and peaceful after a healing!”

- Lynn S., Monroeville, PA

"After a session of  Reiki Therapy, my mind was more clearer.  It helped to reduce my stress and lessen my anxiety."

-Robin F., Rostraver Township


Facing Your Truth

The first step in changing your life is admitting to simply being human.  We are all here on this planet to learn our life lessons.  You may think that you did something wrong…


"How Did I Get Here?"

Realizing you are not where you want to be in your life is the beginning to positive life transformation!  


Forgiveness:  The First Step to Inner Peace

How to move beyond the hurt and into forgiveness is key in healing your life and ultimately achieving goals.


"Why Can't I Find Love?"

 If your relationships never seem to last, then you probably should examine self-worth issues. Everyone deserves to be loved, but if you don't love yourself then your relationships will never be lasting. Learn how to attract quality love partners into your life. 


Is This Depression or Just the Blues?

Everyone experiences sadness in their lives from time to time. If it last for a period of weeks or months and is stealing away your happiness, then it could be Depression!


Is Stress Ruining Your Life?

Do you feel like stress is ruining your life? Learn ways to cope with stress through meditation and daily self-affirmations. Begin to reclaim your happiness and take control over your life. I care about you!


Services are available in person, or remotely via Facetime and Skype!